Current and past La Vie Vineyards releases were sourced from the vineyards below.

Clos Pepe Vineyard
Early morning the hills are hidden in a valley of thick coastal fog, calm and cool like the ocean nearby. Sooner or later the vines can be seen gleaming in the sunís rays and dancing in the Pacific winds. Dogs play and roam endlessly at one of the greatest vineyards in the region. Clos Pepe Vineyard is located in the heart of the Santa Rita Hills AVA. The Pepe-Hagen family have done a superb job planting the vineyard with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. These vines are grown with minimal chemical inputs and create natural wines filled with the character of the soil they are grown on.

Sweeney Canyon Vineyard
Gnarly oak trees and tall grasses romanticize this rustic vineyard found a mile off the paved path. Located on the north bank of the Santa Ynez River within the Santa Rita Hills AVA. The vines are 20 years old and rely on seasonal rains for irrigation. Soils rich in calcium promote elegant and austere flavors in the wine, reminiscent of white Burgundy.

Fiddlestix Vineyard
Dangnabbit! We just canít get enough of the hillside fruit! One of the only vineyards in the area that is not somebodyís last name and run by a lady.  All the new clones of Pinot Noir planted across from the new Sanford Winery in the Santa Rita Hills AVA, It was planted in 1998 and has very promising wines produced from its first commercial harvest.

Mt. Zion Vineyard
La Vie Vineyards' own Organic vineyard high atop the Santa Rita Hills. Small planting with emphasis on quality not quantity. Pinot Noir and Chardonnay planted in an unconventional way without the use of noxious chemicals. Our first vintage is 2007.
One Love.

Sanford & Benedict Vineyard
Richard Sanford was one of the first Pinot pioneers in the Santa Barbara region. The Sanford & Benedict Vineyard was once farmed with environmental sensitivity to the land but lost its CCOF certifification when it transferred ownership. The old vines produce flavors many of the newer vineyards have yet to obtain.

Vigna Monte Nero
On the east side of the Los Padres Mountains in the Santa Lucia Highlands lies a plateau rich and diverse in agriculture. Mixed Pine Forests edge upon oak studded grasslands. The Santa Lucia Highlands is a unique and tasty spot for Pinot Noir. Vigna Monte Nero is planted in stony granitic soils and chilled by the cool maritime fog.

Devery Vineyard
A newer hillside planting in the Santa Cruz Mountain A.V.A. While we were Banana Slugs at UC Santa Cruz, we worked for Storrs Winery and gained a taste for wines when we were barely of drinking age. The Santa Cruz area has long produced noble wines, and we are excited to be making wine from this exceptional site. 1st vintage is 2007, and will be released at a later date.

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